Episode Guide


  1. The Sun in a Bottle: Its eleventh century England. Deep in the heart of the countryside, bumbling magician Catweazle finds himself cornered by Norman Soldiers. Relying on the unsure powers of his magic, he leaps into a lake to escape his pursuers. However he flees further than he had hoped travelling nine hundred years through time into the twentieth century. In unfamiliar surroundings Catweazle is soon discovered by Carrot, a young boy who lives at a local farm, and through him, Catweazle discovers that things have changed beyond his imagination. First transmission 15 Febuary 1970.
  2. Castle Saburac: Finding it difficult to adjust to his new surroundings, Catweazle seeks temporary shelter in the Bennet’s chickenshed. Seeing Catweazle is in need of a long overdue clean up, Carrot decides to offer the family bath with disastoroous results. Magic comes to the rescue as does a new abode for Catweazle, Castle Saburac. First transmission 22 Febuary 1970.
  3. The Curse of Rapkyn: Continual misfortune and bad luck lead Carrot to believe there is a curse on Hexwood Farm. Castle, reunited with pet toad Touchwood, is well placed to sort out any spiritual wrong doings. A chance encounter at a local history museum leads catweazle to a magic book and an even greater discovery. First transmission 1 March 1970.
  4. The Witching Hour: A new arrival in the shape of Mrs Bonnington worries Carrot, especially with her more than obvious interest in his father. Carrot decides that only magic will spirit her away and who better than catweazle to provide the spell. Confusion regins supreme as they invoke some voodoo magic with far reaching results. First transmission 8 March 1970.
  5. The Eye of Time: Farm hand Sam has littleluck with his weekly flutter on the horses, even when he receives assistance from a local Fortune teller. Held up with work committments, Sam asks Carrot if he can place his bets for him. Catweazle is dragged into help which results in an unusual encounter with Madame Rosa. First transmission 15 March 1970.
  6. The Magic Face: Wealthy American Mrs Derringer, accidentally takes a picture of Catweazle whilst photographing an old house. Determined to get Catweazle to pose for some more shots, she enlists Carrot to bring him to her. Catweazle reluctantly agrees, convinced he is under her spell. First transmission 22 March 1970.
  7. The Telling Bone: In a desperate attempt to return to his own time, catweazle’s dubios powers have landed him on the spire of a local church. catweazle is coaxed down by the vicar trying to offer assistance, but very soon it is the vicar who is in need of help. First transmission 29 March 1970.
  8. The Power of Adamcos: Catweazle sees Norman Knights in the woods. Has he returned to his own time? In his confusion, Catweazle loses his sacred knife Adamcos. The trail leads to a local antique shop where Catweazle is desperate to retrieve his magical dagger for fear of losing his magical powers. First transmission 5 April 1970.
  9. The Demi Devil: A failed spell and a visit from a lost pet sparks chaos for Catweazle who believes he’s turned Carrot into a monkey. In an attempt to reverse the spell, Catweazle pays a visit on Colonel Upsaw in the hop that his thunderstick will change Carrot back to his former self. First transmission 12 April 1970.
  10. The House of the Sorcerer: Sparks fly when Sam tells Mr Bennet he is leaving for a new job with Cyril Filton, an orntholigist based in the local woods. Catweazle stumbles across the bird watchers caravan and is temporarily employed as an assistant, with disastorous results. First transmission 19 April 1970.
  11. The Flying Broomsticks: Broomsticks have been disappearing with alarming regularity from the are, causing the local Police to quiz Mr Bennet. Naturally catweazle is behind the theft, convinced that the brooms hold the key to return him to his own time. First transmission 26 April 1970.
  12. The Wisdom of Solomon: Tired of trying to keep the house tidy, Mr Bennet employs a new housekeeper, Mrs Skinner, who comes to stay at Hexwood Farm with her obnoxious son Arthur. Soon they are both upsetting the atmosphere at the farm. Catweazle is called upon to provide the necessary magic to get rid of the pair. First transmission 3 May 1970.
  13. The Trickery Lantern: Aware that the way back to his own time lies through water, Catweazle prepares for his long journey home. Seeking protection from the Normans, he steals a spotlamp that Carrot has bought for his father’s birthday, startling Mr Bennet’s sister into believing he is the fabled Hexwood ghost. First transmission 3 May 1970.


  1. The Magic Riddle: Catweazle escapes from a Norman dungeon, jumps off a castle wall believing he can fly, only to end up in a pond in the 1970s. He sneaks into nearby King’s Farthing, the home of Lord and Lady Collingford where he meets their son, Cedric, whose great-great-grandfather, Lord Alfred, practised magic in a secret dungeon. Lord Alfred also wanted to learn how to fly and wrote a flying spell on the wall of this secret dungeon. The spell mentions the thirteenth sign, the quest begins.  First transmission 10 January 1971.
  2. Duck Halt: While looking for a place to live, Catweazle manages to find another sign as well as a bicycle. First transmission 17 January 1971.
  3. The Heavenly Twins: It’s Cedric’s birthday and his mum has hired a magician, Vadanti, to entertain the guests. Catweazle, who had met Vadanti while fishing earlier, shows up at the party and somehow ends up as Vadanti’s assistant.  First transmission 24 January 1971.
  4. The Sign of the Crab: Cedric accuses Catweazle of stealing and the following night King’s Farthing is robbed. The real thief returns the next night and almost falls into a trap.  First transmission 31 January 1971.
  5. The Black Wheels: When Groome loses his voice, Catweazle tries to give it back to him, first by trying to catch an echo from a well, then by feeding him a potion mixed up of old 33-inch records. First transmission 7 February 1971.
  6. The Wogle Stone: A housing developer, Jack Victor, is trying to buy land from Lord Collingford. He also wants to buy Duck Halt, the abandoned railway station where Catweazle is living. First transmission 14 February 1971.
  7. The Enchanted King:  A sculptor offers to turn the Collingfords into stone and this, of course, is misunderstood by Catweazle who overhears the offer while looking for Cedric. He follows the scultor to his house and tries to liberate the people from the statues.  First transmission 21 February 1971.
  8. The Familiar Spirit: Touchwood is ill and Cedric takes Catweazle and Touchwood to see a zoologist who happens to be a toad specialist and recognises Touchwood as a species that has long been extinct.  First transmission 28 February 1971.
  9. The Ghost Hunters: Catweazle is looking for the treasure of Lord Alfred, at night, while ghost hunters are out looking for ghosts. First transmission 7 March 1971.
  10. The Walking Tree: King’s Farthing has been turned into a military headquarters as soldiers use the area for a military exercise, including some soldiers camouflaged as trees. First transmission 14 March 1971.
  11. The Battle of the Giants: Lord Collingford and Groome both want to win the competition for biggest marrow. Unfortunately, Catweazle’s anti-flu potion gets mixed up with Groome’s marrow fertilizer. First transmission 21 March 1971.
  12. The Magic Circle: Groome sees Catweazle bounce out of the moat and Lady Collingford calls in a specialist to treat Groome’s shock.  First transmission 28 March 1971.
  13. The Thirteenth Sign: Catweazle is still looking for the thirteenth sign and Cedric is still looking for the lost treasure of the Collingfords in order to save King’s Farthing, his ancestral home, from being sold off.  First transmission 4 April 1971.

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