Catweazle was released by Sound and Media Ltd. for the first time on video in the UK on 4 July 1998. All 26 episodes were eventually released (three episodes per tape in the correct running order) and included in-depth sleeve notes, location details and production photographs.

The video release had the full support of both Geoffrey Bayldon (Catweazle) and Robin Davies (Carrot) who helped with promotion including signings, television appearances etc. Of special interest to all fans of the series was the specially shot material of Geoffrey and Robin to accompany the videos. The location for this special footage was Hexwood Farm, and The Tree (Final Episode). While Geoffrey does not appear in character in the supplementary footage Catweazle’s cape does make a re-appearance!

Many thanks to Simon Wells for this item


Network Videos has confirmed that they had scheduled, but postponed, a release of Catweazle on DVD. The DVDs had been prepared and were ready to go to manufacture in March 2001. Unfortunately some last minute contractual issues resulted in the release being removed from the schedule indefinitely.

Network Videos also advises that new masters were struck for the release and although they are still not perfect they are far superior than those supplied for the VHS release. The extras include an extended and re-edited version of the ‘Brothers in Magic’ documentary that appeared on volume one of the VHS release. There is also a stills gallery featuring previously unseen shots on location and in rehearsal.

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