Richard Carpenter

Richard CarpenterRichard Carpenter was born in 1933 in King’s Lynn and spent most of his childhood in Norfolk. He was brought up on comics and Shakespeare, Greek mythology and Beano. Always interested in the theatre, he went to the Old Vic Theatre School and then into repertory all over the country. During these years he began to write short stories for radio.

After a year at the Old Vic he began working in television, and starred with John Turner and Kay Callard in the Granada series, Knight Errant (1957-1960), about a debonair adventurer for hire. He appeared in over 300 television programmes.

Richard has been writing for television since he created Catweazle in 1969. “Being a television actor helped to teach me to write, he said, “as sometimes the dialogue isn’t very easy to say, and needs overhauling.”

Catweazle was his first book and was based on the television serial he wrote forĀ London Weekend Television, it was followed by a second book based on the second season of Catweazle.

After the award wining Catweazle he wrote a number of episodes of Black Beauty before scripting the comedy series, the Ghosts of Motley Hall, for Granada. The Ghosts of Motley Hall was based on the ghosts of a stately home who resent intruders and starred Freddie Jones, Arthur English, and Sheila Steafel, it ran for three seasons.

Richard went on to become one of Britan’s leading television writers. He has written three adventure series for the BBC: Dick Turpin, The Boy from Space, Cloudburst and The King’s Dragon. In the 1980s he wrote the series Smuggler and it sequel Adventurer, and in 1981 was co-author of the BBC’s The Baker Street Boys.

In the 1980s he also scripted ITV’s popular series Robin of Sherwood, and The Winjin’ Pom, The Borrowers, The Return of The Borrowers, Stanley’s Dragon, and True Tilda.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that Richard has also completed a Catweazle film script, but further details are unknown at this stage.

Richard is married to actress Annabelle Lee and they have two children, Tom and Harriet. His hobbies are painting, sculpture, jazz and talking to anybody about anything.

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