A new beginning!

I originally launched my Catweazle Website way back in 1997 when the internet was but a pup.  Back then there was little information about Catweazle on the web and all I had were a lot of  hazy memories of a show I loved growing up.

The website was my first foray into web-design and social media in the hope of reviving interest in Catweazle and connecting with other fans around the world.  Connect we did!  In the first five years more than 70,000 fans found their way to the site for a magical dip into the past and websites and tribute pages cropped up all over the world.   Then came the fantastic news that Network Videos was going to release Catweazle on video for the first time in 1998 and would reunite Geoffrey Bayldon and Robin Davies in the process.  It was a pleasure to promote the release and receive emails of appreciation from both Geoffrey and Robin during those exciting days.  Soon after the video release the Catweazle Fan Club emerged in Britain and the focus of Catweazle turned (rightfully) back to it’s homeland.

With my original mission accomplished my attention moved to other things.  I continued to maintain the site but the demands of a burgeoning career and growing family meant that updates became weeks, then months and eventually years apart.  Recently I founded Propaganda, which helps businesses use social media in a smart way and needed to overhaul my corner of the web.  In looking through the site I found that today is exactly one week before the 41st anniversary of the first episode of Catweazle going to air.  I figured, what better time to cannibalise the old site and use the power and convenience of wordpress to bring it into the new millennium.

The enduring appeal of Catweazle is a fine tribute to this wonderfully written series, filled with humour, warmth and charm, and made unforgettable by Geoffrey Bayldon’s outstanding performance as Catweazle.   I hope you enjoy your visit to this blog and please don’t forget to say hello before you go!

Gab Agaba!


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  1. Hilde Fjerdingen Kolset says:

    I remember this serie from norwegian television when I was a little girl. And I loved it! I have never forgot it and would really like to see it again. Is it possible to buy the DVDs in Norway? Or from where?
    Best regards
    Big fan

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